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Hey welcome to my Sadityworld website!

Over the years this website has been many things, Just like Me!

It has also been a home and a catalyst for many creations in my life, as well. In which I AM very Grateful. It has reminded me, that yes, people are watching at all times, so, what are you going to show them?

It has evolved, over and over again, kinda like me.

It continues to be a space where I can put Everything that I'm doing, in all in one place...

because I dream, just like everyone else, of wanting to Create things that we can someday leave for our Children, and our childrens' children...

When I think about my life, From being a Young Girl growing Up in South Central LA, a Daughter, a Sister, and being Trained Up...

To being a Mother, and a Wife... a Homemaker and an advocate...

and still be Myself, and a business woman, and trying to be an Example to all I come in contact with, and remembering who I AM, and who I'm striving to BE...

...There is So Much that this website is an outlet for!

Not just an outlet, but also a Vehicle. Mostly for my own kids, but also for the poeple that even they are going to come in contact with, and because I've experienced so much in my life so far, what I have learned, is that, everyone can benefit from anothers experience, from our lives and others... our collective wins and loses.

Even So, Thru it all, this site continues to be...

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and the Thoughts that I think,

and the things that i like!

and Even with all the things that i ever was, or have ever done, I'm still learning about where I want to be, while holding on to who I think I AM!

so scroll around, I'm glad you're here... SMOOCHES!


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