Private & Mobile Beauty and Spa Services for Women, Men, Children, Events, Media Shoots, Bridal Parties, Spa Parties, Transformations, and Consultations. Classes are also available.

Hair Care

Hair Care

Repair & Restoration using Products that Nourish and Feed your Hair back to Health.

Skin & Nail Care

Skin & Nail Care

Stimulate Circulation and Relieve Discomfort while Encouraging Extended Youthfulness.

Body & Massage

Body & Massage

Shape & Mold Your Body while Naturally Burning Fat and Diminishing Stretch Marks.


Your Hair, Skin, and Body deserves the BEST, SO GIVE IT WHAT IT NEEDS!

RF Skin Tightening
RF Skin Tightening

Radiofrequency (RF) therapy is a nonsurgical method of tightening your skin, it can be performed on the Face and Body. Diminishing Wrinkles, Strectch Marks, Cellulite and Fine Lines

Lipo Cavitation
Lipo Cavitation

treatment that is used to remove fat deposits under your skin, a much safer alternative to surgical options, like liposuction.

Infrared Suana
Infrared Suana

Assists with detoxification, relaxation, burning calories, pain relief, cell health, improvs circulation, and more!

Scalp Renew Hair RegrowTx
Scalp Renew Hair RegrowTx

in-salon treatment that detoxes the scalp, revitalize follicles & increase hair growth 30%.


What our customers are saying about us after using our products and services

Wanda Moore

Shantel takes great care of my hair! Being a hairstylist myself, it's hard to pay and trust someone else in your head. She's gentle with her techniques, and great with hair repair. She prepared and styled me for my wedding and stayed to make sure my pictures came out right! I can appreciate her professionalism and the aromatherapy when I visit Sadity's Glamour Suite.

Wanda Moore Client

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We know now more than ever How important Self Care is. Beauty Services are Therapeutic to the Body, Mind, and Spirit. SO, do yourself a favor and Book an Appt

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ONLY ONCE a YEAR! Purchase an Entry and WIN a BEAUTY SERVICE worth $75 or MORE. The Sadity Housewife Opens the Books for New Clients and Gives an opportunity to try beauty services at a low entry price.

EACH ENTRY WILL WIN ONE out of Six available PRIZES. Prize is chosen by spin wheel you’ll receive after purchase. Winners will receive GIFT CERTIFICATE for the service won, Each certificate is good for 30 days from receipt.

Winners need to make an Appointment to receive prize services, at Sadity’s Glamour Suite by Feb 1,2022.

Each service on prize wheel is valued at $75 or more.

Find add’l details and description of services by visiting the booking page SADITYWORLD.COM

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