Born and Raised in South Central LA & the South Bay of California. Shantel Tracey aka The Sadity Housewife, was very fortunate to grow up around the Entertainment and Beauty Industry at a very Young age. In the Hair Salon owned Her Great Aunt Ivory Jo “Hot Chocolate Hair Designs”, She Watched, Learned, and was Immersed in the Hair and Beauty Industry. Traveling to Hair Shows, Modeling and Mimicking what she’d see around Her by the time she hit Junior High. By High School she was Braiding & Weaving Hair, She prided herself in making her weaves look natural, and the so called “Vixen Weaves” that are done now, Shantel was doing those back in 1991. Also, because of the TALENTED WOMEN that Rasied Her, she was Designing, Sewing Clothing, and Wearing Her clothes to School.

I really have to say that I’ve never followed trends particularly. I like the way clothing and accessories Flatter the Body. So If it Looks Good that Way, then I’m with It!

The Sadity Housewife

She became a Mother, received Her accreditations in Medical Assisting and Phlebotomy, to make a Living. Because she sews Her own clothes received Her Degree in Fashion Design. Becoming a Wife afforded Her the Privilege to do what she loved the most and go back to school for Cosmetology & Entrepreneurship, because the Passion and LOVE for Beauty and Fashion, NEVER LEFT!

Being a stay at Home Mom ignited a different fire that was unexpected. And that was, Creating Homemade Hair and Skin Products. Having 6 children and a Husband to take care of ALL with DIFFERENT Personalities, Hair, and Skin needs and issues…. She really had to put on Her Biology, Chemistry, and Science Hats and figure some things out!

It was something EXTRAORDINARY about the WOMEN that Raised Her. Not only were they Creative and Talented, but Caring, Giving, and Driven! Doing WHATEVER that NEEDS to BE DONE, and Making NO EXCUSES! Working Hard So they Can Play Harder! “There isn’t ANYTHING that I can’t Have, because I CAN MAKE IT MYSELF!” ATTITUDE!!! Take PRIDE in YOURSELF and the Way You Step Out the House!

Because of that upbringing Shantel herself, does whatever is Needed for the One she Loves. Her Children, Her Family, Her Friends, and Her Community. She created Products to “Nourish the Hair and Skin”. Created a Fashion Line to “Lounge in Style”. She’s founded a “Girls Club” and “Health and Wellness Organization”. She sits on Multiple School District Advisory Boards to Advocate for Minority Children. And… as a Certified Webmaster and Virtual Assistant, she creates Graphics and Build Websites for Small Businesses, Individuals and the Organizations she’s involved with.


She wants to be able to share with the World, ALL she has come to Know and Love, and Learn, Especially about LIFE…. IT IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT.

That Bougie, Around the Way Girl, Born and Raised in South Central LA & the South Bay. Who’s been called “Sadity” All of Her Life but, IS but Not REALLY! She Just Enjoys the Quality of Life, and Not the Accumulation of Strife! (Laughing)

Now You Tell Me. Is a Girl Like that really SADITY?!?