Beauty Is My LIFE!

Growing Up a little black girl in Los Angeles with a Great Aunt who was a Master Stylist with HER OWN SALON in the 80’s, I was emersed in the Hair and Fashion world early in my life. Sittin’ on Barber boxes getting my hair done on a Saturday, getting my nails done by my cousin practicing her skills on me, a tiny witness to the hustle and bustle of Photo Shoots, Hair & Fashion Shows.

Beautiful Black Women getting their Hair, Make Up, and Nails done. Taking pride in their wardrobe, their walk, their talk, and their independence. The 80’s was fly, futuristic, and fashion forward, and I got to watch it and learn it all.

Since I was 14 years old, I’ve been doing hair and nails on others. I love everything about beauty, and mostly enhancing one’s own beauty.

From the beginning of my Cosmetology career I’ve always practiced Organic Hair and Skin Care, specializing in Repair and Restoration, and because of my Medical background, I refuse to Use the plethera of toxic products out on the market.

Therefore, 98% of the time, the products I use are Organic, Homemade, Holistically sourced, or are considered the least harmful to the body.

I am a total believer of what you see, is what you get, and HEY, LOOK AT ME!

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